A Framework for Building Drone Control Systems

Write, test and ship your custom controller (offboard) on ArduPilot based systems.

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Flight Dynamics

Vehicle setup allows you to account for model-based and model-free definitions. Easily add inertia, mass, etc parameters to an existing vehicle and get it up and running within minutes.

Frame Types

Use an existing frame or easily define a custom one, based on your vehicle dynamics.

Safety First

Built in safety features for Fault Tolerance, ability to handle some level of in-flight issues.

Control Logic

Deploy your control system module by injecting it in ArduPilot based vehicles.

Easy Prototyping

Validate your controller in simulation (SITL), HITL, or deploy to hardware if you are confident. In-built support for real-time graphs allows you to validate faster.

Rapid Deployment

Deploy to hardware with ease - design your controller, and start flying!

Built at the Robotics Research Centre, IIIT-H